Effective Organising & Behavioural Skills for Administrative Professionals/ Executive Secretaries/PAs

The roles of Administrative Professionals, Secretaries and PAs in business are continually evolving. Therefore, this engaging, practical and interactive programme is designed to provide an opportunity to review and develop vital Organising and Behavioural skills to maximise personal effectiveness.

It is also designed to:

• Build and enhance personal and role reputation across any organisation
• Strengthen personal and role credibility
• Enable a more productive and effective way of working

These vital roles within any organisation provide essential support to many and therefore the programme primarily focuses on the development of role ‘capability’ and the development towards role ‘commitment’.

By the end of the programme participants will be able to:

• Enhance and develop skills of a 21st Century Secretary, PA or Administrative Professional
• Strengthen the appreciation, value and importance of the role of a Secretary, PA or Administrative Professional
• Understand organisations and their purpose to aid in working effectively and therefore becoming aligned with the organisational needs